Chas & Dave gig

Chas ‘n’ Dave Gig

I went to see Chas ‘n’ Dave at the O2 Indigo on Thursday. It was part of their “Farewell Tour” (until the reunion). It was a sold out gig and I had a really good time.

Sounds stupid, but I’ve always really loved Chas ‘n’ Dave, and not in an ironic way. I am not ashamed. They make good catchy music with funny lyrics – and what’s wrong with that?

When I got out of the tube the O2 was swarming with people – most of them young, trendy types. I’ll be honest – I wasn’t really expecting that at a Chas ‘n’ Dave gig – but I was quite pleased. Then I realised that they were going to the Plan B gig at the main O2 arena.

I got into the venue quite early, and straight away my mood started to sink further. I counted about 8 old ladies in wheelchairs drinking pints of beer. Then every old-time skinhead, market trader, spiv or cockney wide-boy in all of London started to turn up. This reminded me of a Madness gig I went to at Victoria Park a few years back. I loved the experience then and I loved it now; I like to think of myself as an articulate skinhead (when I choose to be). Sometimes I fantasise that I could pass myself off as “a bit of rough”. And maybe I can (although if a fight started I’d almost certainly hide under the nearest table).

Drinks were pretty expensive so I only had enough for about 3 or 4 pints; not nearly enough for a Chas ‘n’ Dave gig.

When the music started – everyone went wild. They were a no-nonsense, let’s play music band. Not a lot of talking between songs, just belted out the numbers. I saw them a few years ago at a student pub in New Cross and it was pretty dire. Not so this time. Also, interestingly, they started with the same song that they would later used for an encore. Which isn’t actually a bad idea when you think about it.

Anyway, I had a good dance and went home happy.

Chas & Dave gig

The following night I went to see Joana And The Wolf, more on that next post…




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