Moustache Project Week 13: Fin

Tom Fogarty - Finger Tattoo

Game Over… Although I do now have this replacement… Viva la ‘tache!

Moustache – 12 weeks old

Tom Fogarty moustache - 12 weeks

Very pleased with this – I’ve trimmed it a little bit along the way, but this is basically 12 weeks of growth. The only problem now is that I don’t know if I’m ever going to be able to part

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Moustache – 6 weeks

Tom Fogarty Moustache - week 6

I was meant to shave the ‘tache after 6 weeks, but didn’t.  So this is 6 weeks of facial hair growth… posted one week late. And I still haven’t got rid of it…

Moustache – 5 Weeks

Tom Fogarty Moustache - week 5

Moustache progress after 5 weeks of growth (I trimmed it a bit this week too).  Only one week left until I shave it – pity; I’m starting to like it…  

Moustaches Are Cool

Tom Fogarty Moustache - 3 weeks

I was bored over Xmas, so inspired by the film Bronson, I decided to grow a moustache. According to ehow it takes a minimum of 6 weeks to grow a handlebar moustache. This picture shows my progress after 3 weeks,

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