Burning Bridges

I recently deleted my facebook account. I found that is was becoming a massive tyrant for wasting my time in the evenings. Even though people’s comments generally irritated me – I still found myself nipping on there in the evenings to lurk and snoop. It did come in handy for wanking over people’s holiday snaps though.

Then I decided to delete my Twitter account as well. This was much harder for me to do because I really do enjoy using Twitter. I’d also accumulated a number of “celebrity” followers (far better than real people I find). These were celebrities who started following me – of their own accord – without me following them beforehand!

Of course when I use the terms “celebrity” – I use it loosely. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even consider these people famous at all; people like Neil Buchanan from Art Attack, Debbie Rochon from the Troma films, half the cast from Miami Ink and a couple of ex-Big Brother contestants. Oh and the producer of 70s funk outfit Le Chic. I shit ye not.

Even so, of late I kept finding myself on there trolling, or ranting and swearing in the middle of the night. Not good at all. And so I decided to get rid of it.

Although that’s not exactly true: the account it still active, but I deleted everyone I was following and those following me, and made it private. I’m going to re-design and re-develop this site over Xmas, so I’ll probably start using the account then.

In the meantime I’ve set up a new Twitter account – mainly just to keep in touch with the people on there that I genuinely liked. I’ve set rules though, and I intend to stick to them. Basically, no tweeting late at night, no drunken tweeting, and keeping the rants to a minimum. I predict that it will be a very boring stream to follow!

The account is called @MrFattyGoo and I’m on there under the pseudonym of Mr Tat Goofy. Both of these are anagrams of my name, Tom Fogarty. I got the idea from Jim Morrison (a big hero of mine), who came up with the alias “Mr Mojo Risin'”  as the code name he would use after his planned disappearance/return. This was just before he died in the bath and didn’t come back. That was an anagram of his name too.

You see, I put a lot of thought and effort into stuff that doesn’t really matter and no one cares about. But not important things. Bugger that.

Then on a whim last Sunday, I deleted all the contacts from my phone as well. I’m not really sure why I did this (I was pissed at the time), but I have no regrets (so far…). I think I wanted to find out who my real friends are; those who are important will contact me eventually. Or maybe not?

So far I have regained 8 contacts. One of them is my mum and two of them are tattooists who want me to do their websites. Which just goes to show how messed up my life is at the moment.

In other news, in 2 weeks time I’m going to ATP’s Nightmare Before Xmas, and I can’t wait! I’m going to start stockpiling drugs and booze this weekend.

ATP Nightmare Before Xmas 2011




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