Burke and Hare

Went to see Burke and Hare the other day. At first I was a bit disappointed with it, but on reflection it has a lot of good points.

Firstly, a comedy about 19th century mass murderers/grave robbers in Scotland is an unusual premise for a film, so it’s worth seeing for that reason alone.

Secondly, it’s directed by John Landis (An American Werewolf in London, Thriller, Animal House, Blues Brothers) – who even manages a brilliant fright scene about halfway though this film. The jokes on display aren’t that great though…

Thirdly, the cast is very good; Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis are very likable (even if not that funny here), and there’s a host of bit parts/cameos from Christopher Lee, Ronnie Corbett, Jenny Agutter, Tim Curry, Bill Bailey. And Isla Fisher from Home & Away is in it too.

Lastly, the locations and set designs are brilliant, adding a really creepy atmosphere to the movie.

Actually one last good thing to mention – The Proclaimers feature on the soundtrack!

It’s an usual little film – so check it out at the cinema if you can…