A while back I posted an appeal on here for help choosing a new text-based tattoo.

And so about a month ago I got it done. I decided to go for “Common sense is not all that common” – partly because it’s a quote that I really like, and partly to impress a girl (which is the only truly valid reason to get any tattoo).

The trouble was, that turned out to be a misquote, the real line being “Common sense is not SO common”. The trouble didn’t end there though…

For some reason I chose to get it done on my arse cheek. I went to a shop in Deptford, near where I went to school. The place was called Kids Love Ink. (If you don’t know why I find that funny, read here)

I got it done as a walk-in, which is quite rare these days, and I had a lot to drink beforehand – which they always say you shouldn’t do (but which I always do).

The bloke that did it had a massive 50s quiff and was good company, we chatted about high art such as Troma films, The Evil Dead, punk rock and the LunaChicks during the session. It took him about 2 hours to do, mainly I fear because he was enjoying groping me so much.

His best quote of the day was “you can pull your pants up a bit higher than that, son“, after he’d marked on the stencil.

When I got home and peeled off the bandage, I realised that the bastard had actually put “Common sense is not THAT common”.

My first proper tattoo fail… what a bonus! Although the “X” on my lip comes a close second.


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