What a Boring Monday!

What a boring and non-eventful day today has been!

Started badly as I didn’t get any sleep last night. This is generally the case for Sunday nights when I have work the next day, but last night was particularly bad. Last night was one of those nights where you lie there pondering how you came to waste your entire life up to that point. I’ve also got a load of projects to think about at the moment – but as it usually the case; I spend all night thinking about what I’m going to do the next day, then in the morning I’m too tired to do any of them!

I think I’m searching for what The Red Hot Chili Peppers called The Deep Kick at the moment – before I get too old – but I never manage to quite find it…

Luckily, it was raining this morning – it felt as if I’d woken up in that film Se7en, starring Brad Pitt. I’m an extreme weather kind of person; I like it to be blistering hot, or lashing down with rain – nothing in between. I also quite like it when the sky goes all dark and broody – just before a storm (like at the end of Terminator) – and it feels like the end of the world is nigh. Or maybe I just like the rain because I know if pisses everyone else off so much.

Another sign that it’s been a bad day, is when I spend a lot of my time arsing around on Facebook; I’ve been posting on far too many walls latey, and Mr T would pity me like the fool that I am.

I salvaged the day a little bit when I got home by putting some gargoyles up on the wall. Before I had my own place, I envisioned painting the walls green and being really arty, but then when I finally did get my own place – I ended up painting everything white, and being tasteful. I even started thinking about 2-for-1 deals at B&Q, and thoughts such as “I can repot that in the spring” started creeping in to my brain.

Well anyway, now that I’ve put some screaming faces up on my wall I feel much better. And my drilling is bound to have pissed off my neighbours while Eastenders was on.


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