New Blog – Spider Web Design

So I’ve been having problems with my hosting company. The redirects I’ve set up only seem to work when they want to. My sub-domains hardly ever work and now I’ve found out I’m nearly out of space.

This is a pain in the arse because I’m a regular blogger at the moment, and I like to upload pictures.

My hosting company is French by the way, making communication with them almost impossible. I can’t remember why I decided it would be a good idea to opt for a French-speaking web hosting company. I was probably drunk at the time.

I will probably switch hosts at some point soon, but it’s somewhere down on a very long “to do” list. Somewhere behind “Natalie Imbruglia”.

What I’ve decided to do is this: I’ve set up a new blog over at Spider Web Design.

I will use this to blog about the current projects I am working on – web design, web development, photography, art etcetera – and the bulk of my photos will be uploaded there. As that blog is tied to my “professional” website, I will try to be sensible and keep the nonsense down to a minimum.

I will continue to post my stupid stories, rants and rambles on this blog. Any pictures I do upload here (homemade tattoo misadventures, embarrassing drunken pub jaunts etcetera) – I can host on Flickr or Picasa and hotlink to them.


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