Bits and Pieces Update

Been knackered lately, slept for about 12 hours last night. Got up early(ish) this morning and went to Shangi-la Tattoos to see Lesley Chan; not to get a tattoo, but to discuss the website I’m doing for them. It’s a really good project to get my teeth into and Lesley is very cool. Here’s a picture of her (not taken by me). “Make sure you get up to something naughty this week“, said Lesley as I left the shop… And here I am writing this blog on a Saturday night…

Was supposed to be meeting a friend for coffee this afternoon but they cancelled. The thing about getting old is that you can never call a friend up and say “fancy a pint tonight?” Everyone has plans, and you have to schedule a week in advance. Or even a month in advance. I hate that.

After that I went to London Bridge to have a walk by the river – took some random pictures of bridges, water and dark nooks and crannies.

When I was taking this picture (under Tower Bridge), an old man came up to me and said, “Do you know why they call this Dead Man’s Hole?“. I thought it was a prelude to a dirty joke or even a sex-attack upon my person. It was neither; turned out to be a rhetorical question as he already knew the answer and just wanted to share. Apparently they marched convicted men through here on their way to be executed at Traitor’s Gate. I love London.

Came home and fixed some bugs on this website – small things that I might document in another exciting blog post sometime (for the techie-minded out there).

Might finish my prison tattoo off later, and that’s about it!