Bits and Pieces Update

Been knackered lately, slept for about 12 hours last night. Got up early(ish) this morning and went to Shangi-la Tattoos to see Lesley Chan; not to get a tattoo, but to discuss the website I’m doing for them. It’s a really good project to get my teeth into and Lesley is very cool. Here’s a picture of her (not taken by me). “Make sure you get up to something naughty this week“, said Lesley as I left the shop… And here I am writing this blog on a Saturday night…

Was supposed to be meeting a friend for coffee this afternoon but they cancelled. The thing about getting old is that you can never call a friend up and say “fancy a pint tonight?” Everyone has plans, and you have to schedule a week in advance. Or even a month in advance. I hate that.

After that I went to London Bridge to have a walk by the river – took some random pictures of bridges, water and dark nooks and crannies.

Tower Bridge (by Tom Fogarty, 2010)

Tower Bridge Padlocks (by Tom Fogarty, 2010)

Tower Bridge - side view (Tom Fogarty, 2010)

Underneath Tower Bridge (by Tom Fogarty, 2010)

When I was taking this picture (under Tower Bridge), an old man came up to me and said, “Do you know why they call this Dead Man’s Hole?“. I thought it was a prelude to a dirty joke or even a sex-attack upon my person. It was neither; turned out to be a rhetorical question as he already knew the answer and just wanted to share. Apparently they marched convicted men through here on their way to be executed at Traitor’s Gate. I love London.

Tower Bridge again (by Tom Fogarty, 2010)

Traitor's Gate (by Tom Fogarty, 2010)

Bird Island (by Tom Fogarty, 2010)

Under London Bridge (by Tom Fogarty, 2010)

London Bridge Steps (by Tom Fogarty, 2010)

Came home and fixed some bugs on this website – small things that I might document in another exciting blog post sometime (for the techie-minded out there).

Might finish my prison tattoo off later, and that’s about it!

Prison Tattoo (by Tom Fogarty)


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