Back in The Game (like Phil Mitchell on crack)

Like Phil Mitchell on the crack, I’m back in the game! Well, sort of. At the very least I’ve re-done my website in an attempt to keep it fresh (a bit like when you start wearing a gimp mask to bed to rejuvinate your stale 7-year old marriage with a woman who’s got fat). Basically, I wanted to keep the new layout as minimal as possible, which will hopefully let people focus more on the writing. I also hereby promise to blog more regularly, concentrating on highbrow topics such as midgets, tattoos, unfortunate pub adventures, GG Allin, moaning about how I never get any sex and generally saying “F.T.W” a lot.

I’ve set up a separate blog on Medium, where I’m going to write about work-related web development stuff (you’ll notice it’s alarmingly empty) and I’ve got an art-wank photo blog here. The idea behind this was to keep this site as personal as possible. F.T.W

Here’s a summary of the site changes (for luddites):

– The site is fully responsive – so you can read it on the bus without getting eye strain

– Popular blog posts and blog categories are now listed in the footer, rather than the sidebar

– The latest 3 blog posts are previewed on the hompage

– There is a separate page for older blog posts, organised by month – for easier navigation

– The site has gone back to using Tom Fog brand colours (i.e boring shades of green)

– There are still some bits I need to do, but fuck that now (I’ll do it later)

The boring techie bit (for dweebs):
You might want to skip this bit if web technologies bore you (in which case, jump to the footnote *).

I’ve used a free WordPress template called Stanley WP, which I’ve customised to include a recent blog feed on the homepage and a photo gallery in the ‘about’ section. I’ve also created a custom blog archive and a human readable sitemap, which both update dynamically. I chose to stick with WordPress as a framework, rather than Symfony, CodeIgniter or ExpressionEngine – mainly because I’m a lazy sod and didn’t want to have to decouple the database structure and write a shitload of 301 redirects. I’ve also made use of some WordPress plugins where necessary – although I’ve tried to keep these to a minimum. The site makes use of Twitter Bootstrap for responsiveness and has one breakpoint. The CSS has also been minimally tweaked, but only to change colours and remove rounded corners ectetera. And I’ve also made an effort to boost my SEO points to try and climb back up the Google rankings. If you have sucessfully managed to read this paragraph without nodding off, please ignore the footnote *.

Have a look around and see what you think. Feedback – good or bad – is always welcome.

* You are a wanker