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Art Attack!

Spent a wonderfully cultured Saturday perusing art galleries (and visiting as many postcodes as possible) with my mate Paul. He was a little bit tired as he’d been up boogying till 7am at some party and only had 5 hours sleep. Well all I’m going to say about that is that I could get up after just 2 hours sleep and run a mile.

Anyway, the first exhibition I dragged him to was Gilbert & George’s Uretha Postcard Art at White Cube. This was a collection of mucky sex ads taken from phone boxes, and tacky London postcards, assembled in the shape of a uretha (or “Jap’s Eye” to use the technical term).

Now this sounds like something that would be right up my street, but I wasn’t that excited by it. I prefer their skinhead portraits they did in the 80s (or even their more recent poo paintings). I’m still glad that I went to see it though.

From there, onwards to Bethnal Green to see Liam Sparkes’ exhibition at the Wayward Gallery. I designed Liam’s website and he has done most of my tattoos – and he’s a very cool and likable bloke. He also drums in a band called Trencher.

This exhibition took place in a small white room, containing a woman, a Macbook, a small dog and 5 pieces of A4 paper stuck to the  wall. The dog jumped on me the minute I walked in.

At first I was surprised by this show, but considering his work is strongly influenced by Russian prison tattoos, Scrimshaw, Medieval linework and brutal imagery – maybe I shouldn’t have been!

If you really want to get a flavour of Liam’s work – I recommended you go to the tattoo shop where he works, soak up the vibe, check out his stuff and get tattooed. He’s good company and the experience will do you good.

After that, we went to the Ten Bells pub, where I tried to pose for some portrait photos for an upcoming project. There’s something about my psyche or genetic makeup – that simply makes it impossible for me to pose for a photo and look normal. Here’s a couple of the photos. There are more over at my Picasa account:

Tom Fogarty Tom Fogarty

This whole experience got me thinking more about doing this DarkeSide/DownSide exhibition. I’m going to blog a bit more about this tomorrow with more of a mission statement – but if anyone is interested in taking part – get in touch!


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