Another Night, Another YouTube Video…

So, it’s been another long, hectic week of work. I went out to the pub on Monday (alone) and drank way too much. It turned out to be “Wii-Fit Night” at the pub though (if you can imagine such an abomination?), so I got to watch loads of overweight ladies jumping up and down. I only laughed a little bit, honest.

On Tuesday I met up with a friend, had a few laughs, drank a sensible amount and came home again. Good fun as always.

Last night I was stuck in CodeIgniter hell. Spoke to a mate on the phone, chuckled a lot, drank too much (indoors), then blogged.

Tonight, I met up with a friend; had a really good, fun time – came home happy, but then I started to feel strange and down. I’ve always been an “up and down” person – nothing in between. Right now I still have the warm happy glow of happiness in my belly, but it’s tinged with regret. That’s probably the curse of any serious drinker. One day I’ll probably come home and remove my own eyeball with a spoon, like Beatrice Dalle in Betty Blue.

I spent a bit of time on Twitter, listened to The Smashing Pumpkins and Echo & The Bunnymen. Then I went on YouTube and found this clip of the Groovie Ghoulies. I love horror and cartoons – it always fills me with nostalgia for some strange reason – and now I really feel much better.




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