Annoying Facebook Friends

Recently a friend of mine – Natalie – shared this link, listing “10 annoying Facebook friends everyone has”. It’s very funny and also, scarily accurate. I’m not sure which category I would fall into; either The Complainer, The Oversharer, or The Self Promoter – most probably.

Natalie posted this linked via Facebook, obviously, and it’s well worth having a read:

Thinking about the article, here are a few more Facebook friend types that I would like to add to the list:

The Troll – uses Facebook merely as a means to annoy friends and people around them; posting things that are offensive and replying to wall threads in an antagonizing manner. This type quite possibly sums me up better than any other, especially when drunk.

The LOLer – replies to every post with acronyms that no one else understands, such as “LOL”, “PMSL” or “ROFL”. Usually female, and frequently signs off with several rows of kisses: XXXXXXXXXX

The Comedian – status updates consist of jokes they have copied & pasted from other sites. Comedians tend to be very unfunny in real life, and will probably commit suicide one day.

The Lurker – these are the friends from your past – not seen in years – who suddenly add you as a friend out of the blue. They then remain silent if any attempt is made to subsequently communicate with them. Probably chronic masturbators in hunt of Ibiza 2008 bikini holidays snaps. Or simply they are “friend collectors”.

The Shocker – very similar to The Oversharer in the link posted above, these are the friends who post lurid statements about their sexual activity, drug intake, or other inappropriate behaviour. Regularly swear too. I could easily fit into this camp as well. Again, especially when drunk.


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