Absinthe for Sale

I promise I won’t keep using this blog to hawk my wares, but I’ve got some good quality absinthe for sale. This isn’t the cruddy alco-pop variety that you can buy in bars in the UK – this is strong import-only gear. I shipped it in from Hungary and it’s 70% proof. It’s wormwood content is also high, making it mildly hallucinogenic. I’ve got about 12 miniature bottles to get rid of – don’t worry about the quantity – this stuff will knock your socks off.

You can have some fun times on absinthe. I drank some a couple of years back and had some dark and disturbing dreams. I dreamt that someone came into my room and stabbed me in the head while I slept. It was so realistic that I thought it had really happened, and I fell out of bed. This alarmed my cat; not only did it make her jump, but I was also stark naked and she could see my balls.