Tom Fogarty getting tattooed in Italy by Gian Maurizio Fercioni

A Big Fuckoff List of Tattooists

You know when you’re writing and stuff, be it a blog post, or book, a thesis, police statement, the occasional letter to the reader’s page of Razzle etcetera – and sometimes you feel all inspired and it’s really easy and the creativity pours out of you like jism at a bukkake party? And then at other times it’s really difficult and you think fuck it, this will have to do, and you churn out any old bollocks and hope you’ll get away with it? Well this is one of those times.

So fear ye not little person, even someone as amazingly talented as me can’t be arsed and has an off-day sometimes.

With that in mind, here’s a boring list of all the tattooists (and I use that term very loosely in places) that have etched upon my skin at one time or another. You’ll have to make do with this until I can think of something better to write this month…

Aidan Forde
A big Irish biker-type who tattoos all the chavs from Nunhead and Peckham in South London. This was in 1998 when I was 17 at Fantasy Tattoos.

Rob Sutherland
Works at Tattoo Living Image in Greenwich. Old school. Decent bloke. Instagram here.

Random Brazilian bloke
At London Tattoo Convention circa 2007. Looked like a member of Sepultura.

Liam Sparkes
Everyone knows Liam, has his own shop these days called Old Habits in trendy Dalston. Instagram here.

Mil Martinez
Tattooed me a few times at Diamond Jack’s in Soho. Quality stuff. He’s a wrestler these days. Instagram here.

Ben Nuthink
This was at Kids Love Ink in Deptford. On my arse. Instagram here.

Chad Koeplinger
Famous American tattooist. The tattoo cost a small fortune, rattled out in 20 minutes. Instagram here.

Melissa Szeto
Tattooed me a couple of times in Soho. Has her own shop nowadays. Instagram here.

Calypso Saga
Large-scale Japanese specialist. Works from a private studio in Muswell Hill. Instagram here.

Random Amsterdam tattooist
Somewhere in the Red Light District (I think?). I was wankered at the time.

Because I’m an idiot.

Some barmaids from the local pub
Because I’m an idiot.

Don Northstar
Kids Love Ink again. On my arse again. Instagram here.

Mark Edwards
Good fun. Tattooed me in his shop in Camden. Instagram here.

Stefano C
A true gent from Italy. Instagram here.

Charles Wicks-Stephens
Diamond Jack’s in Soho again. Instagram here.

Arthur Perfetto
Tattooed me at Trash City Tattoos in Berlin. Instagram here.

Dave Condon
A bigger GG Allin and Misfits fan than I! Instagram here.

Guy Neutron
Tattooed me at the London Tattoo Convention. Instagram here.

Duncan X
Legend. H-E-R-O. Instagram here.

Gian Maurizio Fercioni
Most recent tattoo whilst in Italy (can be seen in the photo at the top of the page). 70+ year old. Special one, this. Instagram here.

If you cross-reference this with the list here – you will see how life rarely goes how you expect it to.


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