2019 in Review

The time is finally here, the moment has come – the highlight of your year, humble reader – my annual review of the last 12 months! 2019 also marks the end of the decade, my 30s no less, but I’ll be saving that for January – something for you to look forward to after New Year’s Eve (and in no way because I’m too lazy to recall the important events of the previous 10 years now).

So what happened in 2019? Well aside from Boris Johnson being elected as Prime Minister, the nation finally deciding to “get Brexit done” and Ant returning to I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! – nothing much really. Donald Trump has recently been impeached, but this came as no surprise to me as he’s always appeared to have the complexion of an overripe, round fruit (Xmas cracker joke done!). Prince Andrew might have also got into a spot of bother towards the end of the year, but I’ll leave you to make up your own jokes about overripe peaches there.

As it’s a festive time of year, I couldn’t resist taking a brief moment to talk about death. Although not quite up to the standard of 2016, this year has seen it’s fair share of famous people shuffle off this mortal coil, including Keith Flint from the Prodigy, Freddie Star, Gary Rhodes and the Grumpy Cat. Safe journey to Valhalla you mighty warriors.

On a happier note I went on holiday twice; Perugia in southern Italy and Stockholm, Sweden – were I had the pleasure of seeing some crucial musical artefacts in the ABBA museum. Benny’s shoes and Agnitha’s cloak.

The most important and notable global event of the year, however, was undoubtedly me updating the look and feel of this very website after several years. If this momentous occasion somehow passed you by – if maybe you’ve been living under a rock or have been incarcerated in solitary confinement with no access to the internet perhaps – you can read about this in more detail here. In second place, Camberwell has become London’s coolest postcode according to the Telegraph, and is probably due to the fact that I’ve lived there for the last 10 years. You can read more about that here.

My tattoo odyssey came significantly closer to completion this year, with additions to my throat, hands and the back of my neck all taking place. Plus I also made a good start on my feet and had most of my right leg completed.

I took the time to see brainy standup comedian, Stewart Lee, being funny on the London stint of his latest tour and went to see a selection of Edvard Munch and Andy Warhol artworks at a couple of exhibitions. You’ll also be glad and relieved to know that I have now passed more than 4000 levels in Candy Crush Saga (currently on stage 4047 as this blog post goes to press).

I went to a small selection of excellent gigs, mainly of the metal variety, with a little bit of industrial electro-punk thrown in for good measure:

Sheep on Drugs
On 2 separate occasions. Reviewed here.

Carpathian Forest and Mayhem
Both at Incineration Fest in Camden

Electric Wizard
Reviewed here.

Reviewed here.

Reviewed here.

New albums were released by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, L7, Lindemann, Batushka and Slipknot, and the most delightful musical highlight was the announcement that the mighty Supergrass are to reunite after a 10-year hiatus, and will be touring again in 2020.

I went to the cinema on a handful of occasions, which I have taken the time to review here:

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Overrated Tarantino flick.

Doctor Sleep
Unnecessary sequel to The Shining. Boring.

Dull and depressing prequel to the Batman franchise.

Decent horror film about alligators.

As usual, I was an avid reader throughout the year, listed out for your delectation and/or scorn:

Kings, Queens, Bones & Bastards – David Hilliam

Burke & Hare – Martin Conaghan and Will Pickering

Last Orders – Graham Swift

Watchmen – Ian Rankin

The Dark Heart of Italy – Tobias Jones

Blind Faith – Ben Elton

Dan Leno & The Limehouse Golem – Peter Ackroyd

The Dogs of War – Frederick Forsyth

Troll Hunting – Ginger Gorman

The Italian Way – Tim Parks

The Moaning of Life – Karl Pilkington

Sapiens – Yuval Noah Harari

The Black Book – Ian Rankin

The Numbers Game – Chris Anderson & David Sally

Is Shane MacGowan Still Alive? – Tim Bradford

Modern Baptists – James Wilcox

Work! Consume! Die! – Frankie Boyle

Vintage Stuff – Tom Sharpe

Omerta – Mario Puzo

Running with The Krays – Freddie Foreman with Frank and Noelle Kurylo

Children of The Matrix – David Icke

And finally, the bands I listened to most in 2019 were Carpathian Forest, Saxon and Lindemann according to Spotify (screenshots below). They’ve also put together my 2019 playlist, that will make your ears bleed. Enjoy!



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