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2013 Roundup

I haven’t been blogging very often this year, and seeing as I’m off to Thailand in under 4 weeks – this will probably be the last chance where I can be bothered to do it this year. It will be the first time I’ve ever been anywhere far afield – anywhere exotic. I’ll be spending Christmas, New Year and my birthday there and it’s fair to say that I’m quite excited about the whole thing. The holiday was pretty expensive, so I’ve had to save for most of the year to afford it (I still haven’t saved enough spending money yet – with under a month to go!). In order to scrape enough cash together, I’ve had to tighten the purse strings a fair bit, which has meant I’ve had to cut down on my drinking and stay out of the pub – hence less stories to blog about.

Still, I have managed to have some fun this year, and seeing as most people tend to think I’m going to die in Thailand (or end up in prison, or simply take a load of magic mushrooms, sit on the beach and decide never to come back) – I thought I’d summarise some of my 2013 highlights here:

  1. Beard. I’ve grown a pretty decent beard that makes me look a little bit like a devil worshipper (or that bloke from Breaking Bad). I’m only keeping it for one more week though.
  2. Groucho. I’ve long wanted to get into the Groucho Club in Soho and this year I got to cross it off my To-Do list. I was invited to review a gig there and jolly good fun it was too. A big one for me, this.
  3. Barcelona. Had a mental weekend in Spain. I could tell you some stories about the stuff that happened there, but I won’t. Not now.
  4. Tattoos. Currently in the process of having a full leg tattoo finished by Calypso Saga. It features a demon with a cock for a nose. Calypso has alway been on my list of people to get tattooed by. Another big one in my list.
  5. Love/Lust. Fell in and out of love and had my heart broken (by birds who didn’t even know it). Mainly barmaids.
  6. Gigs. Although I didn’t go to any festivals this year I have been to a couple of good gigs. I’ve seen Tim Arnold aka The Soho Hobo a couple of times, as well as The Misfits and The Layabouts. Also saw Stewart Lee doing standup. Before Thailand I’ll be seeing Queens of The Stone Age, Molotov Jukebox and Gorgol Bordello.
  7. Barred. Got barred from several pubs and clubs in Soho. I always feel a little bit of secret pride when I get thrown out of a place and told never to come back. Unless it’s the Hermit’s Cave in Camberwell.
  8. Survival. I didn’t die and managed to not get sacked from work. These 2 points are always a firm bonus in my life.



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