2011 in Retrospect

Looking back over the year, I’ve had quite a good one. Scanning over last year’s 2011 resolutions – basically the same list every bloody year – I’ve ticked a few of them off in the last 12 months.

Here are some of the bits and bobs I’ve done this year (some good, some not so good):

Spent a week in Barcelona in a hostel, getting sun burnt and wasted.

Went to 3 music festivals – Primavera in Spain, ATP: Nightmare Before Xmas (at Butlins!) and Secret Garden Party – which I actually went to on my own (for bonus points).

Primavera Sound Part 1: Videos

Secret Garden Party 2011 Roundup

I saw Bob Dylan and The Cranberries at The Feis.

I went to see Chas & Dave’s farewell gig (the gig was so successful, the bastards promptly reformed the following month):


I got a new job – web developer for a digital agency: Whitewater. 3 rounds of interviews and 2 tests, quite proud of that one.

I then won the “Cockup of The Month” award at work – one month after starting.

I started writing for a music rag – Penny Black Music. Check out my reviews/interviews here.

I had some attractive couch-surfers from Sweden and America stay at my flat – and I didn’t even attempt to shag or molest them or anything.

I got a couple of tattoos done (well, 9 to be exact). One of them was done by Chad Koeplinger.

Russian Criminal Owl Tattoo

I saw Grinderman before they announced they were splitting.

I went into a bookie’s and placed a bet on a horse.


I went to see Joana and The Wolf (on several occasions), and went completely spastic at Koko.

Joana and The Wolf – Koko Gig

I designed a few new freelance websites.

I saw Big Trouble in Little China and The Evil Dead trilogy at the cinema (yes, I think that’s something worth mentioning).

I did a hell of a lot of “trolling”.

I grew a moustache and raised some money for Movember.

I jumped into a freezing lake to save a drowning child and then resuscitated him (ok, this one is a lie – but the list was getting quite thin).

And that’s about it. My favourite new films of the year were Troll Hunter and Hobo With a Shotgun.

And finally, here are some pictures of me getting drunk at the work summer party – included for no other reason than it was a fun day: