RSS and PHP Malarkey

Not been up to much as I’ve had a stinking cold all week. I was playing around with RSS feeds and PHP and manage to pull my friend Paul’s latest blogger entry in to my site, see here. Then I

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Moustache – 5 Weeks

Tom Fogarty Moustache - week 5

Moustache progress after 5 weeks of growth (I trimmed it a bit this week too).  Only one week left until I shave it – pity; I’m starting to like it…  

Moustaches Are Cool

Tom Fogarty Moustache - 3 weeks

I was bored over Xmas, so inspired by the film Bronson, I decided to grow a moustache. According to ehow it takes a minimum of 6 weeks to grow a handlebar moustache. This picture shows my progress after 3 weeks,

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Spider Web Design

The site is now re-designed and launched. There may be some minor tweaks required yet, but on the whole I’m very pleased with it. Visit

Film Roundup 2009

What a good year for films! My Top 10: Drag Me To Hell Crank 2 Inglorious Bastards Watchmen Antichrist The Wrestler Bronson My Bloody Valentine 3D Halloween 2 Sherlock Holmes