2010 Blogging – Starts Now

As you may or may not know I’ve revamped the site and added this blog.  All my previous Blogger & WordPress entries have been imported below, just in case you need a recap.

I’m going to try and do this properly this time, and blog every couple of days.  And not just to shamelessly plug my wares and divulge my masturbatory habits.

So I’ll probably drone on about my interests, mainly being films, punk rock, tattoos, web design and midgets.

I’ll try to include some funny stories, and I’ll quite possibly end up making some very boring lists.

You can search this blog using the search box over on the right.  You can also narrow down the blog entries by categories.

I’ve included some links to other blogs that I regularly read.  And there are also some RSS feeds from the other social networking sites I use.



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