10 Best Twitter Bots

It’s coming up to a year since I made the Gary Glitter Twitter Bot – I still get abuse for it daily – but it’s managed to attract 150 followers (which is a lot more than me).

Some find Bots the bane of their Twitter lives, but I really like it when you get a surprise RT from a Bot. Here are some of my favourite Twitter Bots (all found innocently):

Captain Blackadder – random Blackadder quotes in response to someone saying “I have a cunning plan“.

Robocop Bot – responds when people say “I’d buy that for a dollar“. Quite an obscure reference – I love it.

Beetle Juice Bot – responds “IT’S SHOWTIME!” after you say “Beetle Juice” 3 times. Clever one, this.

Sodomy Bot – I love Sodomy!

Monster Munch – I’ve always loved these crisps. You can probably guess what happens here..

Fart Robot – sends a RT of approval anytime some tweets about having just let one go. Yes, Childish I know – but I do like it.

Burroughs Bot – I’m giving this one a mention because I like William Burroughs.

Hail Bot 666 – Hail Satan!

I know there’s only 9 Bots in this list, but I couldn’t think of another one – sorry!


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