List Mania 11: October Horror Films

October was a quiet month for me, so I decided to use my free time constructively and watched as many horror films as possible in the build up to Halloween. I’ve reviewed them here, because I’m a bit OCD like

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre On The Big Screen!

Having been a fan of old-school horror films since I was a kid, I was dead chuffed to finally see The Texas Chainsaw Massacre at the cinema today. It was showing as part of Fright Fest at the Empire in

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Everyone Should Go to The Prince Charles Cinema!

Being a bit of a film geek, thought it only right that I should mention seeing Jaws at The Prince Charles Cinema on Monday night.  I’ve always been a big fan of this film and seeing it on the big

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Film Roundup 2009

What a good year for films! My Top 10: Drag Me To Hell Crank 2 Inglorious Bastards Watchmen Antichrist The Wrestler Bronson My Bloody Valentine 3D Halloween 2 Sherlock Holmes

Xmas Horror Films

I’ve done bugger all this Xmas (apart from growing a feeble moustache inspired by Charles Bronson, and a little bit of web design tinkering)… but I did watch some Christmas horror films: Black Christmas – very good. Christmas Evil –

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