New Site URL Listed in Google

The very next day after making my " has moved" page - Google re-indexed me! I don't know if this was a coincidence or not, but I'm very pleased about it. I'm currently ranked 7th and I'm sure I can get higher than that. My old school mate, Brian, put both domains into Google Fight to see who came out on top: still comes out the winner, but the results are improving daily: After this I got a bit carried away with tracking my personal stats, and started monitoring the route of one of my jobbies at (this URL was given to me by a Breaking Travel News journalist, no less).

Third and Fourth in Google – The Power of Blogging

Got really excited this morning when I saw that I'm third and fourth in Google rankings (when searching for "Tom Fogarty"). Yesterday I was ranked at six. I'll probably drop down again tomorrow but for now I'm dead chuffed. This is probably because I've been doing a lot of blogging lately, and I seem to get quite a few hits from that. When I first started blogging my intention was to focus on technology and web development/design... but gradually it's become a channel for me to spout my nonsense!

Google Ranking Update

Today - 10th November 2010 - I'm back at the 4th & 5th spots in the Google rankings (for the search term "Tom Fogarty"). My indexing on Google has been jumping around all over the place for about the last month, so I'm quite happy about that. The 3 listings above me are all Wikipedia entries for famous Tom Fogartys, so I'm unlikely to usurp them any time soon - but I would really like to hold on to my current positions. Bet I'm relegated to page 2 again tomorrow though! Update: 12th November 2010 I'm jumping around all over the place again - I seem to get different google results in different browsers - Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome et al.