Support Your Local Fence

World War II Stretcher Fence - Camberwell

Anyone who grew up in south London (or has passed through on occasion) should be familiar with the distinctive wire fences that line the front of social housing blocks; they are very unusual in design, yet somehow manage to be

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I Spy… Graffiti

Halfway through the year and I struggled to find a topic to write about this month; I’ve not been up to much recently – I’ve not been to any gigs or seen any new films – and I didn’t want

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Seven Years

Last week I received a letter from the bank informing me that I have been paying my mortgage for seven years and summarised the payments I have made thus far. This was a bit of a surprise to me as

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List Mania 9: Things To Do in Camberwell When You’re Skint

I’m desperately trying to save money for my holiday at the moment, but this is so hard to do when living in such an expensive city as London. Based on the book 36 Reasons To Love Camberwell, here is my

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I Live in Camberwell

Video - I Live in Camberwell

It’s been a funny old weekend. On Friday night I went out and spent way too much money. Plunged into my overdraft and there’s still two weeks to go until payday. Spent most of Saturday in bed, dosed up on

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Pilgrims Cloisters

Video - Pilgrims Cloisters

I found this video on YouTube, that shows where I live. It’s called Pilgrims Cloisters in Camberwell in South East London. It used to be a mental hospital for “aged alcoholic pilgrims” in the 19th century. I’m not making this

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Snow in London

There’s some proper snow in London today. I took a few pictures on my way to work this morning, but as I live in Camberwell they’re not too picturesque. Unless you like gritty urban realism, shot in and around South

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