Jackass 3D

Went to see Jackass 3D a couple of weeks ago. I used to be a huge fan of Jackass years ago – can’t believe it’s nearly 10 years since the first film came out. I think it might have inspired my love of stupid tattoos.

Anyway, they’ve all got fat and old since then. Most of them are married, and some of them are reformed alcoholics too. I went to see the film out of a sense of duty, but I didn’t have high hopes that it would be any good.

I sat in cinema (on my own) feeling like the king of the geeks – with my 3D glasses over my proper glasses. Although the stunts are a lot tamer in this sequel, I have to admit I did end up enjoying it. By the end of the film, I couldn’t help laughing as people had footballs kicked in their faces etcetera.

So, not the best in the series – but definitely worth checking out!

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