The 3rd of July this year marked the 45th anniversary of Jim Morrison’s death. As controversial frontman of The Doors, Morrison was my first rock hero, and played no small part in introducing me to 60s rock music when I

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RIP Lemmy (but Happy Birthday Tom Fog)

It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me – or anyone that has read this blog a handful of times – that I am not really a fan of Christmas. I find it a lonely, depressing time

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R.I.P Tom Fogarty

Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those grim online suicide notes – I’m still alive and well (or as well as can be expected for someone in the grip of severe nicotine withdrawal symptoms). Anyone who knows me will be

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Sebastian Horsley Exhibition – The Whoresley Show

I went to see The Whoresley Show the other day – an exhibition dedicated to the late Sebastian Horsley – and very good it is too. It’s on at The Outsiders London in Soho’s Greek Street and runs from 9th

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The Tattoo Blues

Video - The Tattoo Blues

Dennis Avner aka The Stalking Cat killed himself last week. This was no ordinary human being; he had tried to transform himself into a tiger parody with the help of facial tattoos and extensive body modifications. For some strange reason

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Happy Birthday GG Allin (and Michael Jackson)

Yesterday (29th August) was my hero, GG Allin’s birthday. Well it would have been – had he still been alive. Despite being a massive fan, I only found this out through Twitter, where lots of Murder Junkies fans were tweeting

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RIP GG Allin: 29 August 1956 – 28 June 1993

Video - RIP GG Allin: 29 August 1956 – 28 June 1993

On this day 19 years ago, GG Allin died of a heroin overdose. Probably my favourite performer of all time, GG was a complete maniac, out of control both on and off the stage. No one could be as hardcore,

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GG Allin Funeral

Video - GG Allin Funeral

This week I’m heading up to Staffordshire for a family funeral on Monday. I’m not really looking forward to it and it’ll be odd to see my family after so many years, but still, at least I’ll get a day

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I Love Primark

Had to go out clothes shopping yesterday, and I hate clothes shopping. That’s why I go around dressed like a complete tramp most of the time. I also hate washing and ironing, but that’s a separate issue. If I want

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RIP Joana and The Wolf (and Auntie Lilly)

Video - RIP Joana and The Wolf (and Auntie Lilly)

Sad news this week. Last week my aunt died. She was called Lilly and she was 83. She lived in Birmingham or somewhere like that. Hadn’t seen her for about 14 years, since my nan’s funeral in fact. Sadder still,

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