New Twitter Header Profile Layout

Twitter launched it’s new Header profile layout this week, reminiscent of Facebook’s recent Timeline style. Surprisingly, Twitter were very low-key about the announcement, considering the new look is one of the most striking changes to the site since it’s launch

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Hello world! - old site

So I’ve revamped my site after a long hiatus and I thought I’d kick off by using the classic “Hello World!” blog post. I’ve tried to make the site a bit more funky and easier to use. (See how the

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Stuff for Sale (and life update)

Been too busy to blog lately. Mainly because I’ve been spending long hours at work, and long hours at the pub. Not very interesting I’ll admit, but I did go to the launch of Skyn condoms a few weeks ago,

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Penny Black Music

I’m pleased to announce that I now have my own page on Penny Black Music, where you can read all my articles and reviews. The direct link is: (Free press passes, tickets and albums always welcome) Thanks!

Arabrot Interview

I’ve been neglecting this blog a lot lately, and recently I even deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts – and everyone knows how much I love to tweet. I’ve just felt that my heart’s not really in it at the

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Music Journalism

Video - Music Journalism

I’m now a music journalist for Penny Black Music (as well as being a web designer/developer, home tattooist, raconteur, artist etcetera). I’ve only done 4 reviews so far, and I don’t have my own section on the site yet, but

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Out To Lunch – Back Soon!

It’s really very hot and sunny here in London, which is nice – but I’m also very skint and in a bad head space, which is not so nice. I’m not really in the mood to use Twitter/Facebook etcetera at

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Tom Fogarty: Music Journalist

BREAKING NEWS JUST IN… I am now a music journalist. Well, sort of. I’ve been taken on as a writer for Penny Black Music. It’s not paid work, but I will get to go to free gigs and write about

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Not blogged in over a week. This is partly because there is lots going on, and there is nothing going on (any paraphrasing of Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities is merely accidental). That sounded shit didn’t it? The main reason

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Cactus News 2

Someone very special to me is going through a really rotten time at the moment, so I’m posting this as a stupid attempt to cheer them up. A while back by cactus grew some bastard mushrooms on it – as

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