Movember 2012

As usual, I’m taking part in Movember – growing a moustache to raise money for testicular and prostate cancer charities. I should probably bore you with some facts and figures about these diseases, but I can’t be arsed. Two years

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I Live in Camberwell

Video - I Live in Camberwell

It’s been a funny old weekend. On Friday night I went out and spent way too much money. Plunged into my overdraft and there’s still two weeks to go until payday. Spent most of Saturday in bed, dosed up on

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The Tattoo Blues

Video - The Tattoo Blues

Dennis Avner aka The Stalking Cat killed himself last week. This was no ordinary human being; he had tried to transform himself into a tiger parody with the help of facial tattoos and extensive body modifications. For some strange reason

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Drink Up!

I’ve been drinking quite a lot lately so I thought I’d share some of the pictures from my latest drunken (mis)adventures. I do like a drink – it has to be said – and I’ve had some bloody good fun

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Dance! Dance! Dance!

Video - Dance! Dance! Dance!

Back when I worked for the charity DM agency, Whitewater, a few of the team were roped in to making this comedy dance video. It was for someone’s leaving do, and yesterday it was put up on YouTube by Adam

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