A while back I posted an appeal on here for help choosing a new text-based tattoo. And so about a month ago I got it done. I decided to go for “Common sense is not all that common” – partly

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I’ve not been blogging much lately, mainly because of long hours in the office, and long hours in the pub – but I will try to put that right this week. Last Saturday I went to my mate Gennaro’s 30th

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GG Allin – Bite It You Scum

Video - GG Allin – Bite It You Scum

GG Allin was cool. Here’s a nice video to share on a Sunday morning. Enjoy!

London’s Burning

Strange days in London at the moment – social uproar, fighting in streets, looting, burning buildings etcetera. Monday night was the worst, at least where I live; it seemed like all of Camberwell and Peckham were ablaze. Shops were smashed

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Joana and The Wolf – Secret Garden Party

Video - Joana and The Wolf – Secret Garden Party

I should be blogging about the destruction and all the rioting currently going on in London, but I’ll save that for tomorrow. Instead I’m going to share a clip of Joana and The Wolf at Secret Garden Party 2011. You

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Cactus News 2

Someone very special to me is going through a really rotten time at the moment, so I’m posting this as a stupid attempt to cheer them up. A while back by cactus grew some bastard mushrooms on it – as

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