I Went To Prison and All I Got Was This Lousy Tattoo…

Tom Fogarty Tattoos 2010

Having signed up to every social networking site possible in order to shamelessly plug my websites, I thought maybe some hot male nudity might help… Actually, I’ve been arsing around with Photoshop. All tattoos taken from duncanx.com PS. My new

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Xmas Horror Films

I’ve done bugger all this Xmas (apart from growing a feeble moustache inspired by Charles Bronson, and a little bit of web design tinkering)… but I did watch some Christmas horror films: Black Christmas – very good. Christmas Evil –

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First Blog, Shameless Promotion

I’m trying to get more hits on my sites: www.tom-fogarty.com and www.spiderwebdezign.com Any updates/ideas etcetera will be posted here, along with other nonsense I can be arsed to post…