Tom Fogarty is a web developer by trade and works for an award-winning digital agency in Hoxton, East London. He has 6 years of industry experience under his belt. His skills include: PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, jQuery, Symfony2, CodeIgniter, ExpressionEngine, Apache, GIT, Campaign Monitor, Wordpress, Facebook apps

Tom loves music and when not at his day job Tom writes for Pennyblackmusic, and is an occassional contributor to Worn By. He tries to squeeze in as many gigs and festivals as he can through the year.

A keen collector of tattoos, Tom is rapidly running out of space. He has been tattooed by the likes of Chad Koeplinger, Calypso Saga, Liam Sparkes, Mel Szeto, himself and many more.

Tom has a famous name, but is not to be confused with the famous guitarist of legendary rock band, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Tom Fogerty, or the acclaimed doctor, wine maker and inventor of the Fogarty Balloon Catheter.

Current obsessions: tattoos, skinheads, trolling, Garbage Pail Kid stickers, prison, GG Allin, Super Mario, Sebastian Horsley, punk rock, cats, cacti

Aside from this, he enjoys a drink and can often be found clogging up the bars of Camberwell, Hackney, Peckham and Soho.