Tom Fogarty

… is a professional web developer and music writer from Camberwell in London. This is his online home where you can read his blog and find out what he’s up to*

Tom loves tattoos, punk rock and PHP. Also barmaids.

Madly enthusiastic about all things digital, Tom can be found across the web under many guises: SpiderWebDesign, PHP Flea, Mr Fatty Goo, Zombiecide, Tom Fog

Compulsive Tweeter, frequent blogger, occasional moustache grower

*This is a personal website and the views expressed here are his own (or stolen from other people down the pub).


Tom Fog Be Damned

Back in August 2015 I listed out all the bands I have ever seen, and those that I still want to see before I die. On 20th May 2016 I ticked a big one off my to-do list because I

Happy Birthday Tom Fog: Part 2

As previously mentioned, my birthday this year was somewhat overshadowed by the sudden death of rock legend, Lemmy. Following suit, David Bowie decided to drop down dead a few days later, and then Alan Rickman had the audacity to kick

New Year’s Resolutions 2016

Only a mere 5 days into the new year and here are my resolutions for 2016 (mainly composed at the local Weatherspoon’s). The list will not include anything like “strive for global peace” or “do my bit to heal the